With the unprecedented scale of global workforce mobility, countries have been increasingly entering into a fierce competition for talent.

As states such as Russia are finding out, in a rapidly globalizing economy, shortages of skilled labor can lead to a decline in scientific achievement and a loss of economic productivity.

Ultimately, the failure to address a nation’s talent gap could result in a decline in political influence in the global arena. Russia is now at a crossroads. After the fall of the Soviet Union, it became a net exporter of “brainpower.” However, Russia has not yet passed the critical point of no return and still has significant benefits that might help it become a magnet for professionals from all over the world. Important steps, however, need to be taken in the nearest future.

This RD Report presents a take on the leading factors for the Russian “brain drain” as well as an assessment of Moscow’s strategy for a future “brain gain.” It also gives 10 specific recommendations of how Russia can become more attractive to top talent.

The Report includes insights from Andrei Korobkov of Middle Tennessee State University, Dmitry Polikanov of the Russian Center for Policy Studies, and Michael Spaeth and Sergej Sumlenny of Russia Consulting, who comment from the perspective of executive recruiters working in Russia.

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