Based on a nearly seventy-year relationship that dates back to the start of the Cold War period, Russia and India are now looking for the basis of a fundamentally new economic and political relationship that will take into consideration the changing contours of the world order as well as the respective strengths of both nations.

On Dec. 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin is paying an official visit to India for the 15th Annual India-Russia Summit, an event that could open the door to a new era in this long bilateral relationship. What follows is a review of the key factors bringing India and Russia closer together; a summary of the geopolitical ambitions of both nations; analysis of the unique security issues facing  Moscow and Delhi; a comparison of how Russia and India view China; and the broad outline of a possible strategic vision uniting Russia and India.

The author of the brief is Dmitri Trenin, the Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center and a member of the Russian International Affairs Council and the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy.

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