In 2014, Russian-American relations experienced a drop to their lowest level since the conclusion of the Cold War. The crisis was directly precipitated by Moscow’s actions in unifying Crimea with Russia. In the months that followed, the sanctions war and the information war have become an integral part of the crisis, deepening the level of mistrust between both sides.

What’s needed now is a fundamentally new approach to U.S.-Russian relations that takes into account how both sides view the origins of the Ukraine crisis. This includes a more nuanced understanding of the historical “war of images” between both nations that has fed the rhetoric and propaganda surrounding the crisis in Russian-American relations. With that in mind, this Brief focuses on the lessons of this crisis as well as on potential ways for its resolution, including a closer look at the primary factors that will influence the ultimate success or failure of these strategies.

The author of the Brief is Victoria I. Zhuravleva, the Professor of American History and International Relations, the Director of the Program on American Studies and the Vice-Director of the Department of International Relations and Area Studies at the Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow).

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