Russian innovation development has been identified as a priority by the Russian government since the mid-2000s. Now economic growth based on innovation is gaining new momentum thanks to an unexpected push – U.S. and EU sanctions imposed upon the Russian economy as a result of the Ukrainian crisis.

The government is now forced to act under growing external pressure and this could wind up accelerating the process of economic modernization and catalyzing innovation in Russia, which is seen as a matter of national security.

What follows is the analysis of how Russia has been creating its national innovation system, and what potential impacts Western-led sanctions could have on it.

Given the current economic outlook, Russia may be forced to reorient towards the other BRICS countries, China in particular.This Report looks into what potential Russia-China innovation cooperation might have for the economic progress of the two countries. It also considers whether there is still an opportunity for innovation cooperation between Russia and the U.S.

The authors are Vladimir Korovkin of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, Stanislav Tkachenko of St. Petersburg State University, Larisa Smirnova of Xiamen University in China, and Adrian Erlinger of American Councils for International Education.

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