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Package #1:
Ukraine and the Post-Soviet Space
5 reports
SAVE $4.95
  • Redrawing Eastern Europe
  • A Five-Step Program for Fixing the Ukraine Crisis
  • Re-Thinking International Security After Ukraine
  • Frozen Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Space
  • Eurasia: Russia's link to Europe and Asia
Package #2:
Asia and the Middle East
6 reports
SAVE $5.95
  • The Middle East. The New Great Game
  • Central Asia as geopolitical pivot: Three scenarios for integration
  • Afghan Endgame: What Comes Next
  • Russia reorients to the Orient
  • Russia's New Strategy in the Middle East
  • The Asia-Pacific Military Buildup: Russia‚Äôs Response
Package #3:
Doing Business
in Russia
3 reports
SAVE $4.99
  • The Future of Russia's Innovation Economy
  • Moscow's Strategy Against Financial Sanctions
  • The Magnetic Push and Pull of the Russian Economy
Package #4:
4 reports
SAVE $4.99
  • From University 1.0 to 4.0
  • Where to Study Russia Now
  • Best Russian Studies Programs 2015
  • Education in Russia: Mapping the Future, Understanding the Past
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