December 13, 2017

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Submission Guidelines

Russia Direct covers a broad range of topics related to Russian and U.S. foreign policy, the U.S.-Russian bilateral relationship and international affairs in general. It strives to promote debate and understand Russia's relationship with the world and the U.S. in particular by converting monologues on international issues into a meaningful dialogue.

We seek original ideas and analyses on topics of world affairs, particularly those involving Russia, from a wide variety of experts from both Russia and around the world who deliver insight often missing from today's media landscape. We welcome unsolicited manuscripts, considering them on a rolling basis.

All submissions should be accompanied by full contact information and a brief bio describing the author's current and past positions, recent publications, and relevant experience.

For Russia Direct’s “Analysis” section, submissions should be 1,000-1,500 words. Features for the “Opinion” section should be 600-800 words. We encourage prospective authors to adhere to AP Stylebook guidelines.

We also encourage prospective authors to have familiarized themselves with Russia Direct’s content, especially the “Analysis” and “Opinion” sections of the website, to know how issues are framed and what has been previously written by our authors about the subject you are planning to cover.

Authors submitting their articles dealing with topics covered by Russia Direct should be familiar with the arguments already presented by RD authors to be able either to address them or to make new ones.

ImportantDue to possible copyright and legal restrictions all articles submitted must be exclusive to Russia Direct.

Please give the editorial team up to seven business days from the time of submission to evaluate articles. The editors will contact authors directly ONLY if the editorial team intends to publish the article. If our team did not contact you after seven business days, feel free to submit your pitch elsewhere.

Send your submissions to Also you might first send an idea for the article you are intending to write so our editorial team can work with you before you start writing.

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Please, share your thoughts or questions with us in the field below, and we will pass your message to the corresponding member of the team.



Please, share your thoughts or questions with us in the field below, and we will pass your message to the corresponding member of the team.

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