Ekaterina ZabrovskayaWorld powers United States and Russia have long had an important relationship, impacting far beyond their borders. Take any major international issue and chances are that both countries have a vested interest, which at times put the two at odds.

Today, as the situation with Ukraine intensifies, many see Russia and the U.S. on the verge of another Cold War. By supporting and promoting a true dialogue between the two countries we can change that outlook.

By tackling the most pressing issues in international relations we create a platform for experts and senior decision makers from both countries to discuss, debate and understand the issues that affect U.S.-Russian relations. 

Our team in Moscow works with experts and journalists worldwide to bring readers the critical analysis they need to better understand not only exactly what is happening, but also why.

Our articles and opinion pieces provide the kind of nuanced understanding required by those with a profound involvement and interest in U.S. and Russian foreign policy. Our analytical reports, written by leading experts and foreign affairs journalists are helping to provide our readers with insights into topics that drive the agenda for both nations' decision makers.

We believe that with our help, monologues will convert into full-fledged dialogue between Russia and other countries.

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