February 21, 2018

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Russia Direct announces important changes for subscribers

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Starting January 1, 2017 Russia Direct will be moving to a new paid content model that includes a paywall for daily articles and content and a suspension of monthly reports. 

Founded in 2013, Russia Direct released more than 40 analytical reports on Russia. Photo: Russia Direct

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Editor's note: Russia Direct stops updating its website

Russia Direct has stopped updating its website following the failure of negotiations between an independent party to take over Russia Direct from its owner, Russian newspaper Rossisykaya Gazeta.

How Russia is preparing for the 2018 presidential elections

The Kremlin is hesitant about allowing Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny to run for president in 2018. However, he might be seen as both a tool of attracting voters to the polling stations and a troublemaker.

The 'Crimean question' in Canada-Russia relations

Even though cherry-picking might be natural for media and politicians who seek to promote their own agenda, such approach could be counterproductive in resolving the Ukrainian standoff, an indicated by the debates over Crimea.

Three years after Russia retook Crimea, are the locals really satisfied?


Russia’s third celebration of Crimea's takeover got the media attention once again, with some experts warning that the euphoria over Crimea might end sooner and later.

The democratic Russia we lost


It would be erroneous to think that appetite for democracy in Russia will inevitably come in the course of time – it will come only if its citizens feel that their voices do matter. This is the lesson modern Russia should learn from the historic phenomenon of democracies in medieval Novgorod and Pskov.

The Dutch election: Relief for Europe — disappointment for the Kremlin?


The defeat of the populist candidate at the Mar. 15 Dutch election doesn’t necessarily mean that the rise of populism is over in Europe. With the immigration crisis in full swing, the trend will persist and the Kremlin might benefit from it. Yet this won’t bring Moscow and Brussels closer.

Libya to test the Kremlin's readiness to cooperate with the West


Russia is reported to have deployed its special forces on the Libyan borders — a move that might lead to both confrontation and collaboration with the West.

Why Trump backtracks on his Russia policy

Trump’s picks for a new national security advisors and Russia ambassador — Herbert Raymond McMaster and John Huntsman, who cannot be seen as “doves” — indicate that the U.S. president is trying to find common ground with the establishment and legitimize his presidency.

Moscow raises eyebrows over Trump's pick for Russia ambassador

Russian media roundup: John Huntsman, Utah’s former governor and the head of the American council, accepted U.S. President Donald Trump’s offer to be the American ambassador to Russia. This move caused a mixed response within Russian media, expert community and among politicians.


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