February 21, 2018

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Will Russia and the US compete in Cuba?

Just as the United States has been exerting its influence with Russia’s neighbors in the East, Russia has been following China’s lead into the Americas by fostering partnerships with Latin American countries.


US suspicion of Russia: Witch hunt or legitimate distrust?

Debates: Russia Direct interviewed a number of experts to find out to what extent the suspicion surrounding U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak is legitimate and justified.


Eight women of the Russian Revolution

The Russian February Revolution started on Mar. 8, according to the New Style calendar, and ironically coincided with International Women’s Day. Russia Direct presents eight female revolutionaries who left their mark in history.

What lessons Trump, Putin can learn from the 1986 US-Soviet summit

As Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Donald Trump prepare for their first meeting, they should keep in mind lessons from the 1986 Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Iceland.

Whistleblower accuses Prime Minister of corruption. Why Russians ignore it

Here is why a new investigation by Russian anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny will likely strengthen the positions of the Kremlin and the prime minister.


Pictured: Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Photo: Kremlin.ru

100 years after February Revolution: Remembering the end of the Empire

 A century ago, Tsar Nicholas II abdicated, one week after the start of the February Revolution. Here is how Russia remembers those events.

The next century: Realpolitik vs. liberalism

Squeezed between networked citizens and assertive non-state actors, states will have to balance between liberalism and realpolitik to adjust to the new geopolitical reality of the 21st century.

Why does the Nagorno-Karabakh referendum matter for Russia?


Russia Direct sat down with Alexander Skakov, an expert from the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), to discuss the implications of the Feb. 20 referendum in the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic for Russia and the West.

Slain Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov brings together Russian opposition


Two years after the murder of Russian opposition activist Boris Nemtsov, Russians took to the streets to commemorate him and remind the world that the real perpetrators are still not punished.

Is new US National Security Advisor McMaster good or bad for Moscow?


Debates: Flynn is seen as a lobbyist of Russia’s interests and an advocate of lifting the anti-Kremlin sanctions, but McMaster has an image of a pragmatic realist who has no illusions about Russia. What does it mean for the Kremlin?



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