February 22, 2018

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Avoiding a zero sum game in Central Asia

The withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan will have significant repercussions for the region as a whole, so this move must be done carefully and in consultation with other regional players.

Photo source: Reuters

US-Russia trade: Making up for lost time


In an interview with Russia Direct, Edward Verona, president and CEO of the US-Russia Business Council, discusses what foreign companies should know about doing business in Russia.

Photo source: press-photo

Russian press plays it cool with hot news of Putin divorce

In general, the Russian press took a more cautious approach than English-language international media when covering Vladimir Putin’s announcement that his marriage was over.

Photo source: AP

Why projecting soft power is so hard to do


For countries, crafting the right global image is easier said than done. 

Photo source: press-photo

Since at least the days of Alexander the Great, rulers have understood that their power will be measured by their reputation as well as their capacity to physically compel.

Putin-Obama talks: Six biggest issues on the agenda

International involvement in Syria and Afghanistan, cyber security, economic cooperation, nuclear reduction, missile defense and fighting terrorism will top the agenda for the two presidents’ bilateral meeting in Northern Ireland.

Photo source: AP


Missile defense or offense?


Russia Direct asked the leading Russian and Western experts to evaluate the chances that Obama and Putin will compromise on ABM.

Photo source: AFP / East News

An upstart that plays up its ties to the establishment

This is the first in a series of articles exploring major Russian and American think tanks. The goal of the series is to give a history of the think tank and highlight its areas of expertise. 


Photo source: Kommersant

Name: Russian International Affairs Council

Website: http://russiancouncil.ru/en/


Lack of agreement on Syria is nothing personal

John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov have found a common language, but cannot find a way out of the Syrian impasse.



Why Russia should turn to face Asia


Moscow's strategy in Asia is the subject of a new book by renowned Russian orientalist Mikhail Titarenko.




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