February 21, 2018

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Could Russia and the US prevent nuclear and environmental doomsday?


Today politicians relegate the nuclear threat and environmental challenges to the secondary agenda. This could have grave implications for Russia, the United States and the world. 


Scapegoating Russia

For the West, Russia is the best candidate to criticize and blame for all its woes.

Is a post-West world order viable?


Russia is trying to promote its post-West narrative that challenges the future of the U.S.-led global order. However, it remains to be seen if Moscow succeeds in its efforts to frame the meaning of a new historic era.

The indirect impact of Germany's presidential election on Russia


Germany’s new president won’t immediately improve German-Russian relations, but he might foster a shift in the composition of the political elites. This could have an indirect impact on Moscow-Berlin relations.


Russia's UN envoy, Munich and Putin's decree on Donbas passports

Russian media roundup: The death of Russia’s UN ambassador, the Munich International Security Conference and President Vladimir Putin’s decree on the acceptance of Donbas passports made headlines.

Russia and the West offer very different views of the world in Munich


Debates: Russia Direct interviewed prominent experts to figure out how they assess the results of the 2017 Munich International Security Conference.

After Flynn's dismissal, Russia starts to doubt Trump


After National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s scandalous resignation and Donald Trump’s tough new rhetoric toward the Kremlin, Russia has started to back away from the U.S. president. That could be dangerous.

The rise of 'counter-elite' can take Russia in a new direction

Political changes in Russia might eventually come from a "counter-elite" — from those who already hold high-ranking positions in the current regime and are well integrated into the ruling class.

Will Serbia be able to balance between Russia and the West?

It remains to be seen how the EU will respond to Serbia’s plans to sign a free trade agreement with the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union, given the current geopolitical context and the Kremlin’s differences with the West over Ukraine.

German elections won't be game-changer for US or Russia


Germany's new president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, is a well-known critic of U.S. President Donald Trump. But that doesn't mean that Berlin will opt to turn its back on America in favor of Russia.


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