February 24, 2018

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Donald Trump's plans for Russia, French elections and the Syrian crisis

Think tank review: Top Russian experts continue to look for clues as to Donald Trump’s future foreign policy moves. In addition, they began turning their attention to the 2017 French presidential elections.

Will Trump and Putin be able to cooperate in the Middle East?


Both Russia and the U.S. might gain if they see eye-to-eye in the Middle East. However, there are no guarantees that they will.

Steve Bannon, the Grey Cardinal in the White House: Good or bad for Russia?

The ideas and power of President Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon might be good for Russian government interests in the short run, but complicated if not downright detrimental in the long run.


Russia is still wary of Trump's turbulent presidency

Once the Trump administration shifts its attention from domestic policy to foreign policy, it will raise awkward questions about just how deeply the U.S. and Russia can really partner on complex geopolitical issues.

Who is behind the recent military flare-up in Ukraine?

Debates: Experts discuss the renewed military escalation in Eastern Ukraine, trying to determine the possible motivations for both sides.

Trump's first days in office aggravate political crisis in the US

The election of a new president has done little to reduce the high level of political polarization in the country. If President Trump was expecting a “honeymoon period” after his inauguration, he was very much mistaken.

Why Russia should liberalize its gas market

The liberalization of Russia’s gas market would almost certainly entail the downsizing of Gazprom and the rise of new “independent” producers competing on a level playing field.

Russia reacts to Trump's first days in the Oval Office

Russian media roundup: The first week of Donald Trump’s presidency attracted a great deal of attention from the Russian media, as journalists tried to understand the implications of Trump’s moves for Russia and the world.

Why Venezuela might become a burden for the Kremlin


Sooner than expected, the Kremlin could be forced to reassess its economic cooperation with crisis-torn Venezuela as the situation there rapidly deteriorates.

Can Russia's economy finally turn the corner in 2017?


RD Interview: Kendrick White of Marchmont Capital Partners discusses the potential obstacles ahead for Russia’s economic growth, including factors that might weaken global energy prices


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