February 23, 2018

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Here is why the Kremlin's big bet on Trump might be risky


With the upcoming inauguration of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, the Kremlin is increasingly hopeful of creating a better relationship with the West. But is it really the case?


Can Russia realistically integrate with China and Europe at the same time?


Russia has been trying to align its Eurasian integration project with China’s One Belt, One Road initiative. But has the Kremlin really assessed the political and economic consequences of such an alignment?

Trump, Russia and the Arctic

For now, it appears that business and purely pragmatic interests will guide the Trump administration in coming up with any semblance of an Arctic policy. But that might actually help, not hurt, the U.S.-Russian relationship.


A disintegrating Europe should not be in Russia's best interests


Europe is facing difficult questions about what will happen after Britain leaves the EU. For Russia, too, the future of European integration remains a hot-button issue.

Donald Trump's election and Russian public opinion

Based on how Russians reacted to the election of Donald Trump, it’s clear that liberals and conservatives have very different notions of “populism” and “democracy”.

What kind of Russia should the West fear?


RD Interview: Dmitri Trenin of the Carnegie Moscow Center explains how current misguided perceptions in both the United States and Russia could lead to a dangerous new geopolitical reality.

Why the new US military buildup in Europe doesn't yet worry Russia


As President Obama deploys thousands of troops and new military hardware to Europe, Moscow is waiting to see the next moves of the Trump administration.

Intelligence report on Kremlin hacking makes any reset close to impossible

Expecting conclusive evidence in the declassified intelligence report about the Kremlin’s alleged hacking would be naive in the current U.S. political environment, where Russia is seen as an adversary.


The Dadin List could become the new sequel to the Magnitsky List

Human rights activists within Russia are pushing for the creation of a Dadin List, which would sanction top Russian officials implicated in the detention and systematic torture of Ildar Dadin, an opposition activist.

Russia and the EU: Teaming up to save the environment in 2017?

As Russia gets set to mark the Year of the Environment in 2017, there is growing hope that the Kremlin might be able to partner with the EU on several showcase environmental projects.


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