Russia Direct announces the top cartoon caption submissions in our first-ever RD Cartoon Caption Contest featuring Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin.

Cartoon by Sergey Yolkin

During the Christmas holidays, Russia Direct invited readers to submit their best cartoon captions for a dialogue involving Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. What would Obama and Putin say to each other when they finally meet again? Among the best caption entries were those that hinted at the impact of the Snowden Affair on U.S.-Russian relations and the oft-strained personal relationship between Obama and Putin.

The winning caption from RD reader Dale Stout suggested that the ever-controversial Dennis Rodman might hold the key to improved U.S.-Russian relations.

In reviewing and evaluating your caption submissions, we’ve selected the following captions as runners-up:

1.  Putin:  What must I do to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

    Obama:  You're a couple of wars short...

2.  Putin:    Want to work for me?

     Obama:        You mean officially?

3. Putin:     Socialist.

   Obama:  Democrat.

4. Putin:  Russia cannot be understood with the mind alone...
    Obama:  Neither can Obamacare...

5. Putin: You're still invited to Moscow.

   Obama: Want to hang out at the Sheremetyevo airport?

The editorial team in Moscow also came up with a potential cartoon caption for the dialogue between Putin and Obama. Enjoy!

Putin: Any resolutions for 2014?

Obama: Let's get Kerry and Lavrov together more often.

Starting in 2014, look for the winning cartoon caption on our new Russia Direct brand T-shirts! And thanks again to all of our readers who submitted cartoon captions in the contest during the holidays!

Happy New Year!

Video by Pavel Inzhelevsky