Editor-in-Chief of Russia Direct Ekaterina Zabrovskaya announces the first RD Monthly, dedicated to cybersecurity.

Video by Pavel Gazdyuk

This Thursday, August 1, Russia Direct is going to publish the first  of its monthly analytical memos. The topic of this RD memo is cybersecurity.

Russia Direct expert Pavel Sharikov, head of the Center for Applied Research at the Institute for U.S. and Canada Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, analyzes the current state of cybersecurity and Russia-U.S. bilateral relations in this field.

In the report, Sharikov focuses on the most recent developments in the field, such as the creation of a new bilateral cyber security working group between the U.S. and Russia. He also looks at the impact of recent events, such as the Edward Snowden NSA spying scandal, on future cyber-cooperation between Washington and Moscow.

Inspired by the topic of our monthly memo, Russia Direct is devoting an entire week to cybersecurity in August. Over the upcoming days,look for new articles from RD that highlight unique aspects of the debate over global cyber security.

Russia Direct experts from Russia, the U.S. and Europe will debate whether a cyberwar between the world’s leading powers is even possible. They will also reflect on to what extent governments can monitor the activity of Internet users in an attempt to track down potential cyber threats.

In addition, an expert from renowned Russian company Kaspersky Lab, will talk about the latest cybersecurity threats and where they are coming from.

Finally, this week Russia Direct is pleased to present the first in a series of video answers from our experts to our subscribers' questions.

This week’s question is, “Is there any truth to a suggested collusion between China and Russia, and, if so, would this (hypothetical) Chinese-Russian alignment counterbalance any aspects of US power?”

Ekaterina Zabrovskaya is the Editor-in-Chief of Russia Direct.