Davos, Switzerland: Russia Direct will distribute its analytical report “Russian Energy Sector: Beyond Sanctions” together with Foreign Policy Magazine to 2,500 participants of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2015 on Jan. 21. 

Photo: World Economic Forum / Michael Buholzer

Prior to the Ukraine crisis and Western sanctions, signs were emerging that Russia’s energy sector was facing a period of difficult adjustment and restructuring.

With the shale energy revolution and slumping global energy demand, the rapidly changing dynamics of supply and demand left Russian oil and gas firms facing a more uncertain future.

This new report from Russia Direct, “Russian Energy Sector: Beyond Sanctions,” includes an overview of Russia’s energy ambitions in both Europe and Asia. It also analyzes how the growing bite of sanctions and Europe’s yearning for energy independence have forced Russia to look for new business models, new markets and new customers.

The big question is how Russia’s much-touted pivot to Asia – and especially to China – will impact the long-term prospects of Russia’s energy sector.

"The report is a great resource for anyone seeking to understand Russia's role in the global energy market. At a time of unprecedented geopolitical challenges and fluctuating oil prices, it offers critical insight into the tectonic shifts resonating through the oil and gas sectors,” says Artem Zagorodnov, Corporate Media Publisher of LUKOIL Overseas.

According to Ekaterina Zabrovskaya, Editor-in-Chief of Russia Direct, “A big part of the report is devoted to the critical analysis of Western energy sanctions and their impact on the Russian energy sector that you won’t find anywhere else.”

The authors of the report are Natasha Udensiva of Columbia University, Marat Terterov and Ben McPherson of the Brussels Energy Club, and Ka-ho Yu of the China-based Energy Research Center.

The issue also contains commentary from the Russian Ministry of Energy that explains the Russian government’s position on some of these pressing issues and sheds some light on what policy changes to expect in 2015,” Zabrovskaya added.

The report is distributed at the main venues of the Forum and hotels and residences of participants. Further information on the points of distribution can be found here

The electronic version of the report is available at the Russia Direct website after registration.