Spread the word: Our new Russian Studies ranking for 2016 is in the works, with a release scheduled for March 2016.

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The Russia Direct team has started working on its second annual Ranking of Russian Studies programs in the U.S. We intend to attract more attention to the issues that Russian Studies programs are experiencing in the U.S.

We truly believe that Russian Studies programs in the U.S. need a boost, which can lead to a deeper understanding of Russia by Americans. The ongoing crisis in relations between Moscow and Washington stems, in part, from the lack of expertise and interest in the field within the U.S. political establishment and broader American society.

Our first Ranking of Russian and Post-Soviet Studies in the U.S. was released in April 2015 and received positive feedback from U.S. and Russian scholars, politicians and professionals working in the field. We also received comments that helped us to improve the methodology of the ranking, part of our process of continual improvement.

Our evaluation methodology includes two surveys as key parameters the Reputation Survey and the Employers’ Survey.

The Reputation Survey is distributed among international experts and scholars to value the reputation of a program under consideration while the Employers’ Survey measures the employment opportunities for recent graduates, based on the survey distributed among potential employers.

We urge members of the relevant audience to take these two short surveys.

If you are an educator, Russian Studies scholar or expert, fill out this survey

If you are a potential employer for Russian Studies graduates, fill out this survey

New methodology of the Russia Direct Ranking of Russian and Post-Soviet Studies Programs in the U.S. 2016

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