The website crossed the one million page view mark in February.

Photo: Shutterstock / Legion Media 

The Russia Direct website just reached a major milestone: 1,000,000 page views. The number may seem small in comparison to traffic that national websites get. But it is important to us, a small analytical website created less than two years ago by a small team. We should be thanking you, our readers, for this achievement. The fact that you show up here every day is impressive. 

Coverage of the Syrian crisis, opinions on why the “reset” button in Moscow-Washington relations is broken, how the West has run out of ways to talk about Russia, and why America needs to fund the new generation of Russia scholars led to new highs in our key metrics over the past two years.

The total number of subscribers to our weekly newsletters and exclusive inbox-delivery of digital issues of monthly reports is now more than 6,200. Our reports “The Asia-Pacific Military Buildup: Russia’s response” and “From Brain Drain to Brain Gain”, an analysis on why some talented individuals are leaving Russia and others are staying, are your favorites. If you are still not subscribed to our analytical reports, jump on the bandwagon by clicking here.

The entire Russia Direct team gets excited when we get emails like this one: “I recently came across your monthly memo from December 2013 labeled as "The Arctic: A new geopolitical pivot?" Having gone through several doomsday theories of the future of the Arctic, I found your publication very convincing and indeed a much-welcomed change in tone.” 

Since Gary Shteyngart is not the only one who watches Russian state-run TV, we also do – we get encouraged when we see notes like this in our inbox: “You practice an admirable journalism. As one of the instruments in the culture wars, you seem to believe in erosion through decency.” 

Here are some of the topics of our upcoming reports: ranking of post-Soviet academic programs in the U.S.; the political situation in Russia after the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov; Russian lobbying in the West; and the China-Russia relationship, with a focus on its massive potential and important implications for the U.S.  

We thank you for being our loyal readers and bringing your friends, too. Let’s build a community of people who care about finding out what is really happening in Russia — and why.