In a view of President Putin’s visit to Cuba, Argentina and Brazil, and the upcoming BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Russia Direct offers you a pick of Twitter accounts that will provide you with fresh updates on the developments in the region.

Get in-the-moment updates on things that interest you on Twitter. Photo: Reuters.

This week Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to pay a visit to several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. He will hold talks with representatives of Cuba, Argentina and Brazil as well as participate in the 6th BRICS summit in Fortaleza (July 14-16th).

In order to help you get the best information and analysis on upcoming events, the Russia Direct team has picked the top 5 Twitter accounts that provide news updates on Latin America as well as insights into the region's developments that impact Russia.


5,952 followers and 1,743 tweets since July 2010

Official Economist Intelligence Unit account on Latin America which is managed by analysts and designed to filter the information that is important in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The EIU is a research and analysis division of The Economist Group having nearly 70 years’ of experience in helping businessmen and policy-makers to make informed decisions. They work across the world from 40 offices and speak over 25 languages, so you can get information on any region or issue you need.


4,307 followers and 4,367 tweets since June 2010

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Americas Program analyzes the Americas from a fresh, global perspective, bringing greater awareness to the region’s role as a first-tier policy issue.

Given the dynamics of the Western Hemisphere and its place in the world, the CSIS Americas Program provides a real-world view of the region. By maintaining links with relevant branches of the U.S. government and its global counterparts, as well as the private sector, media, academia, and civil society, the Program works to inform these actors of the region’s evolving realities.


4,260 followers and 3,405 tweets since November 2009 

Hannah Dreier is an Associated Press correspondent in Caracas (Venezuela).

Previously, she covered Las Vegas, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area and contributed to Bay Area News and the Washington Independent.


4,504 followers and 4,802 tweets since May 2011

Americas Quarterly is a policy journal dedicated to news, analysis and research of economics, finance, social development, and politics in Latin America, the U.S. and Canada. Tweets in English and Spanish.

According to the journal's website, launched in 2007 AQ reaches over 17,000 readers: high-level policymakers in Washington, D.C. and throughout the region, top-level business men and women investing in the Americas, and new leaders in the worlds of finance, business, politics, and the media. AQ has gained a reputation as a balanced, authoritative, and accessible journal that responds to issues facing the region and brings a diverse set of key players to the table.


4,122 followers and 9,777 tweets since March 2010

News and analysis on Russia-Latin America relations in Spanish from Russia Beyond The Headlines.

Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH) is a multilingual news and information resource that offers news, comment, opinion and analysis on culture, politics, business, science, and public life in Russia.

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