The city’s best restaurants range from museum-like establishments invoking the ancient traditions of the Urals to those more suitable for a power lunch in the city center.

Discover the best restaurants in Yekaterinburg and enjoy the atmosphere you are unlikely to expereience anywhere else. Photo: Stroganov Grill

In Yekaterinburg, a city of just 1.5 million, you can try not only traditional dishes of Russian cuisine from the Urals, but also meals from all over the world – as well as some fanciful combinations of both. We have put together a list of the most memorable restaurants in the city where you can experience the special atmosphere of the Urals that you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else but Russia.


This is a gem in the Yekaterinburg restaurant world that is often referred to as a premium-class restaurant designed for the true connoisseur. Troekurov has recreated an atmosphere of aristocratic luxury from the golden age of Russia’s nobility. The restaurant is located in an old mansion some distance from the city center. Going from hall to hall you can see a collection of Kasli cast iron artworks, a collection of famous Tula samovars, and a handmade sideboard imported from Austria more than 100 years ago.

At Troekurov there is a large selection of Russian and European meals that are distinguished by their high quality and carefully selected ingredients. Original meals include foie gras, rissoles, beef stroganoff, pigeon milk based on an original recipe, and the tastiest homemade cake in Russia. The wine list includes a professional collection of the best wines from around the world include French, Italian and Spanish wines, rare cognacs and single-malt whiskey from Scotland.

Average bill for one person: From 1000 rubles ($21.20)

Address: Ul. Malysheva 137

Kuznya (Forge)

Kuznya is located in the center of the business district, but inside, it is reminiscent of a museum dedicated to the old blacksmith of the Urals. The entire interior from the door handles on the entrance to the last frying pan in the kitchen is made by Alexander Lysyakov– one of Yekaterinburg’s most famous blacksmiths and founder of the café.

The café serves traditional meals from the Urals. Here you can have original dishes cooked according to rare, almost-forgotten family recipes. Special dishes include meals from muksun, pelmeni (dumplings) with fish, and pancakes. There is an English-language menu.

Average bill for one person: From 800 rubles ($17)

Address: Ul. Melkovskaya 3 

Podkova (Horseshoe)

Podkova is a small restaurant in the city center surrounded by historical monuments and sites. The restaurant has recreated the atmosphere of a Russian tavern from a previous century. One floor of the restaurant is decorated like a Russian log cabin, where everything has been made out of natural wood; the second floor has been decorated to be in keeping with the age of merchants (you can play billiards, but it is also appropriate for banquets).

The menu promises a variety of rare traditional dishes from recreated recipes. Special dishes include herbal tea, fish pies, fruit drinks from berries, homemade raspberry pie and jellied cranberry trout.

Average bill for one person: Business lunch – from 250 rubles ($5.30), main menu – from 800 rubles ($17)

Address: Prospekt Lenina 28 

Medvezhya Pad

This restaurant is appropriate for those who love fowl and meat and are in the mood to have a quiet business lunch in a secluded spot. The restaurant is located far from the city center and it has few visitors.

The menu is reminiscent of traditional Russian meals: pelmeni (dumplings) from bear’s meat, elk, venison, rabbit, pheasant and quail. 

Average bill for one person: From 2000 rubles ($42.50)

Address: Bulvar Kultury 30а


This restaurant-museum is designed for those who are not so much connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine, as those who want to feel the atmosphere of the old Urals. It is named in honor of the dynasty that founded many metallurgical factories in the Urals. The interior is intriguing, using famous Kasli cast iron elements (from the Kasli Foundry). There are bearskins, the Russian kitchen utensils are made in cast iron and earthenware pots, tea comes out of boiling samovars, and there are tiled fireplaces. It is appropriate for low-key business lunches and VIP receptions with a 19th century setting. There is a conference hall for 40 people. It is located close to the city center. Specializing in Russian home cooking, the restaurant includes specialties like pelmeni (dumplings), beef and grilled salmon with perch.

Average bill for one person: From 1000 rubles ($21.20), Business lunch from 280 rubles ($5.90)

Address: Ul. Fevralskoi Revolyutsii 9а

Stroganov Grill

The restaurant is named in honour of one of the most famous industrial families in Russian history, the Stroganovs, who were also one of the largest landowners in Russia. It is appropriate for business meals and also for cozy lunches. There is a soft, homey atmosphere and a large menu. The specialty is marble beefsteak cooked on an Argentine brazier in the main hall. As a bonus, a local artist offers to draw your portraits (on Thursdays), and several days a week they have live music – guitar, accordion and violin.

Average bill for one person: From 1500 rubles ($319)

Address: Ul. Belinskogo 55


This is a restaurant offering Russian cuisine for special occasions. Specialties include rabbit loin and leg in a creamy sauce with chanterelles, wild boar, venison, pelmeni (dumplings), mushroom soup and hot pancakes. The atmosphere is magnificent in the style of a Russian baron’s house. In addition to live music, there are individual rooms with curtains. The restaurant has several rooms with different décor: an armory, library, summer terrace, etc.

Average bill for one person: Business lunch – from 300 rubles ($6.30) a dish from the main menu is 800 rubles (from $17)

Address: Prospekt Lenina 70

Uspensky Cafes

If you need to have a quick meal in an elegant setting in the city center, you can go to the fifth floor of the Uspensky shopping mall (Ul. Vainera 10), which is right next to the main city square. On the top floor, there are several cafes including a pelmeni café serving Russian cuisine, Dauphine, where you can try pelmeni (dumplings) and vareniki (dumplings filled with jam) with unusual fillings, business lunches “for merchants and industrialists” and seasonal dishes.

Average bill for one person: from 400 rubles ($8.50)