Russia Direct is pleased to announce the launch of a new section on our website – Business Travel!

Moscow International Business Center, also referred to as Moscow-City, is a commercial district in central Moscow. Photo: Lori Images / Legion Media

In the new Russia Direct Business Travel section, which will be updated every weekend, we will offer you our advice and insights to help you get the best possible experience from your business trip to Russia.

Keeping in mind that the greatest thrill of travel is discovery, we strive not only to help you choose the best, most comfortable, world-class hotel but also give you an incentive to spend time exploring the city that you happen to visit in Russia.

Business trips often leave no time for common tourist itineraries. However, wandering around the city, at least for a little while, will surely give you an intuitive sense of the local scene that can help inform future business decisions and provide you with an insight into your foreign business partners’ perspective.

Our first guide is dedicated to the capital of Russia – Moscow.

We asked the experts at Russia Direct to break down where to stay, what to see, and what you can expect from the rapidly changing business environment in Russia’s most dynamic city.

Starting with 12 (!) business etiquette tips you need to know to do business successfully in Russia, we are going to update the section every week offering you more guidance and advice on how to spend your time in the city and get the best possible experience. Make sure you don't miss new materials on Moscow coming up this month.

Follow Russia Direct updates and do not miss our future guides to other Russian cities. We will choose the best locations, hotels and tourist attractions that are welcoming to business leaders, no matter what the politicians in Russia and the West are saying to each other.